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002 Self Portrait
003 Branched
004 Sheep
006 Emma With Roses
007 distance
010 So Then We Moved To Taos
011 Sunday Afternoon
012 Venus In The Basement
014 Gas Station
016 Silver Avenue
017 Spring Tomatoes
018 tulips
019 Walking Home
020 Embrace
021 Father
022 The Sea Is Rising
023 Precarious
030 Curve
031 Chaos
032 Portrait Of A Dog
033 Eve
034 Highway To Hell
035 PowerLines
036 Colores


001 bodyscape
005 emma
008 nude Study (Back)
009 Nude Study Of Emma
026 Nude Study II
027 Pointed
028 Torso


013 Butterfly Effect
015 Piano Man
024 Self Portrait
029 Mina's Watch
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Price List

Oil on canvas
The seas are rising $5,000.00
Roof top $6,000.00
Silver Avenue $8,400.00
Spring tomatoes $5,000.00
Branched $6,000.00
Self-portrait in studio $2,240.00
Embrace $5,000.00
Gas station $6,000.00
Curve $3,024.00
Chaos $3,024.00
Oil on board
Venus in the basement $10,500.00
Then we moved to Taos $8,400.00
Precarious $13,440.00
Distance $10,500.00

Pastel on sanded paper
Emma in green $1,655.00
Female parts I $632.00
Female parts II $515.00
Pointed $732.00
Torso $615.00
Self Portrait $275.00
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Brenda Bauer

Brenda Bauer

Brenda Bauer paints because she must. 

Most people don’t hold onto the childhood need to draw, to make visual sense (or nonsense) of life. But Bauer taps into our primal need to record, to understand, to share one’s vision.

Improvisation and startling, incongruous details are hallmarks of many of Bauer’s pieces, but her art defies easy categorization.

Simultaneously ancient and modern, individual paintings invite viewers into secret rooms and emotions.

Above all, Bauer wants people to draw their own conclusions upon seeing her compositions.

She says she often starts her paintings without an intentional narrative and that themes and interpretations emerge during her process or in completion. Unplanned and extemporaneous, Bauer lets her work evolve and tell stories she didn’t always anticipate.

Now living in Santa Fe, N.M., Bauer was born and raised in Havre, Montana, a wild child of the mountains and plains. She received her art degree from UNM-Albuquerque and has also lived and worked in Taos.

Brenda Bauer Art

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